WarCraft: The Official Movie Novelization is the novel based on the script of the movie WarCraft: The Beginning.

Plot summaryEdit


During the night, in the throne room of Stormwind Keep, Varian Wrynn is playing with toy figures of human soldiers and orc grunts. Khadgar appears before Varian and tells him not all orcs are evil and war is not the answer. Varian begins to cry in anger and says he wants to kill all orcs. Khadgar starts telling him about the history of the orcs and one orc in particular, Durotan, who tried to prevent this from ever happening.

In the Violet Citadel, at the Chamber of Air, an eleven year old Medivh stands before the Council of Six. Antonidas ask him if he is ready to become the Guardian of Tirisfal, which Medivh replies he is ready. Antonidas stated that he had to prove himself to become themaster of the Tower of Karazhan and a shadow creature with razor sharp teeth appeared before Medivh. Medivh realizes the shadow creature wasn't real and that Finden was mumbling into his beard. Medivh shot a small orb of glowing white energy that turned into rectangle at Finden, which caused him to stumble and made the shadow creature disappear. Antonidas summons white fire before Medivh. Antonidas tells Medivh to give him his hand, which Medivh does. Antonidas sticks Medivh's hand into the fire, causing the Eye of the Kirin Tor to be burned into Medivh's hand. Antonidas declared Medivh "Guardian."

Chapter 1Edit

After the battles with the Red Walkers and the eruption of the Greatfather Mountain, the Frostwolf Clan marched for a full moon cycle from the Frostfire Ridge to the site of the Great Gate. Kurvorsh, a scout Chieftian Durotan, returns to the Frostwolf Clan, telling Durotan that the Horde encampment was half a sun's walk. Once they reach the encampment in the Hellfire Peninsula, Durotan and Orgrim Doomhammer are greeted by two orcs from the Blackrock Clan, both of whom are green skinned, who tell they are getting ready to attack this new world and told them to come with them to meet Blackhand. Durotan and Orgrim go though the encampment, noticing the orcs were preparing for battle and that a third of them had green skin. Durotan and Orgrim meet Blackhand, who tells them that the Horde is preparing to send it's first wave though the Great Gate, and only the strongest warriors would be sent though.

Chapter 2Edit

When Durotan and Orgrim returned to Frostwolf camp, nightfall had come. Durotan and his council of advisors sat down, ate, and discussed who would go to the new world and who would stay behind. Geyah said she would stay behind. Durotan stated Drek'Thar would come along, but would not engage in fighting. Before he could make a decision on whether Draka could come, Grom Hellscream appeared and introduced himself as Chieftain of the Warsong Clan. Drek'Thar, Geyah, and Draka left as Grom, Durotan, and Orgrim talked. Grom stated that Gul'dan has found and ancient artifact that would allow them to travel to this new world. He also stated he was a believer in Gul'dan and stated that the fel had made him more powerful.

When Durotan retired to his bed with Draka, they discussed what they would name their new baby and the need to hide the fact Draka is pregnant in order to travel to the new world.

Chapter 3Edit

The next morning, Draka strapped a small circular shield around her stomach in order to conceal her pregnancy. Drek'Thar wore a hooded cloak pulled low and a cloth around his face in order to cover up his scared face. Palkar, another shaman, would be guiding Drek'Thar. Durotan orders Geyah to be in charge of the Frostwolf Clan on Draenor. Afterwords, the Horde gathers around the Dark Portal, and Gul'dan steals the life from the thousands of Draenei prisoners, killing all of them. This causes Gul'dan to be empowered with fel magic and shoots it at the Dark Portal to open it to Azeroth. Gul'dan, Blackhand, Durotan, Orgrim, Draka, Drek'Thar, Palkar, Kurvorsh, Grom, Kilrogg Deadeye, Kargath Bladefist, Garona Halforcen, Zarka, Kagra, Drekgrul, Shaksa and her siblings, Nizka,Kelgur, and other members of the Horde rushed though the Dark Portal. While crossing through the portal, Draka goes into labor. When the orcs arrive on Azeroth, Gul'dan assists Draka with giving birth, but the baby is stillborn. Gul'dan then drains the life out of a nearby deer to revive and infuse fel magic into the baby.

Chapter 4Edit

In Ironforge, Sir Anduin Lothar and King Magni Bronzebeard are discussing a shipment of plough blades for the Kingdom of Azeroth. Magni shows Anduin a new weapon created by the dwarves, a boomstick, which Anduin takes for himself. A dwarf courier gives a missive to Magni, to which Magni tells Anduin to head home because of an attack on an Stormwindian garrison, beginning the First War.

Anduin flew back to Stormwind on a gryphon. Outside the Stormwind barrack, Anduin meet two of his lieutenants Karos and Varis. They enter the barracks and Anduin asks them if there was any survivors, which they state there was none, but they do state that they did find someone searching the bodies. Anduin meets Khadgar and allows him to expect one of the bodies of the dead from the the attack on the garrison. After observing a green mist come from the body, Khadgar stated that they must summon Medivh. Anduin tells him only King Llane can summon Medivh, so they head off to Goldshire.

That night, as dawn approached, Anduin's gryphon landed near Lion's Pride Inn. The royal family had been enjoying a day's outing in Elwynn Forest before receiving a missive telling about the attack on the garrison. When Anduin and Khadgar enter the Lion's Pride Inn, King Llane, Queen Taria, Sargent Callan Lothar, officer Aloman, and other officers have turned the inn into a war room and were discussing the attack. Taria asked if there was any word from Grand Hamlet, with no response. Khadgar tells Llane about the fel, however they are interrupted when smoke rose from Grand Hamlet. Llane tells Anduin to travel to Karazhan to summon Medivh.

Chapter 5Edit

In Westfall, Durotan, Orgrim, Sharptooth, and two dozen other Frostwolves watched as other members of the Horde sacked the area, killing and capturing humans as prisoners for fuel for the Dark Portal. Blackhand appears before them, on top his wolf and holding a human female and her infant. Blackhand told them to join in on the plundering, in which Durotan replied that they preferred their enemies who can fight back. Blackhand replies that they had been commanded and he needs to respect the old ways.

Anduin and Khadgar both fly on Anduin's gryphon fly and land at the Tower of Karazhan. They are greeted by castellan Moroes. Moroes lead Anduin up the stairs to the Guardian's Font, while Khadgar waited in the library. While walking up the stairs, Moroes stated everyone outside of himself and Medivh left the Tower of Karazhan and Medivh keeps mostly to himself now. When they reach the Guardian's Font, Medivh is sculpting a golem. Anduin greets his old friend Medivh and shows him the ring with the royal seal on it that Llane gave him.

In the library, Khadgar is reading some books when a shadow appears before him and points to a specific book in the library. Khadgar finds the book and shoves it into one of the compartments sewn into his cloak. He turns the corner to be greeted by Medivh.

Chapter 6Edit

Anduin tells his gryphon to fly back to Stormwind. Anduin, Medivh, and Khadgar teleport to the throne room of Stormwind Keep. Llane greets them and they head to the war room to talk about the crisis. In order to obtain more information, Anduin, Medivh, Khadgar, Callan, and a full company of fifty mounted knights in full plate armor rode outside Stormwind, past Goldshire, and into Elwynn Forest. They halt when Medivh discovered a battlefield of weapons, carts, cargo, and blood of farmers and townspeople littering the path, but no bodies. They also discover orc blood as well. Medivh observes a tree that had been burned by fel magic. Just as Khadgar discovers a body, one of Anduin's knight's goes flying as the orcs attack.

Chapter 7Edit

Sir Evran is crushed by Blackhand's hammer and picked up a horse and tossed it, knocking out two soldiers beneath the horse. Sir Kyvan attacked and engaged one of the orcs. The orc took a wheel off a cart and threw it at Kyvan's skull. Anduin threw his shield at the orc and swung his sword, cutting though the orc's jugular. Blackhand took his battleaxe and severed the bodies of two armored knights. Khadgar looked at Medivh and noticed he was doing nothing. An orc charged towards Khadgar and Khadgar shoot arcane lighting at the orc, sending him flying. Khadgar casted a protective circle around him and Medivh.

Callan didn't see an orc swinging his axe at him, and Anduin stabbed the orc in the chest. The orc tell on Callan and as Anduin extended a hand to his son, he was picked up by Blackhand and was sent flying. As Blackhand extended his hand down, Anduin took out his boomstick and fired it though his right hand, damaging it severely. Khadgar shouted for Medivh, causing him to get out of his momentary trance. Medivh began chanting, firing fel magic, killing all tainted orcs almost instantly. Blackhand escaped after witnessing the attack.

Anduin fired his boomstick again, shooting a hole though an orc. Durotan grabbed his dead comrade. Durotan put the dead orc on the ground and was about to attack Anduin when Orgrim grabbed him and hauled him off. Durotan leaped on Medivh's horse and escaped. The other surviving orcs followed behind on wolves and stolen horses.

Medivh told Khadagar he did well and to take these soldiers back to Stormwind. He also told Khadgar that he had to return to Karazhan and teleported away. Anduin appeared and Khadgar told him Medivh teleported to Karazhan and an orc took his horse. Anduin took off on his horse with a pair of mounted knights and went after and captured a Frostwolf orc.

Durotan found Garona, struggling to free herself from the neck chain that attached her to one of the orcs killed by Medivh's fel attack. Durotan cut the chain with Sever and stuck out a hand for her to get on his horse. Garona refused and fled. Garona leaped out and attacked Khadgar, only for Khadgar to shoot magic and Garona and pin her against a tree. Anduin returned to Khadgar and took both Garona and the Frostwolf orc as prisoners.

Chapter 8Edit

Garona and the Frostwolf orc are taken back to Stormwind in the barred wagon. Anduin starts asking her question and Garona reveals that she knows his language. The Frostwolf orc next to her tells her to stop speaking their language. When she refuses, he breaks the chains and charges towards her only to have Anudin save her when he trusted his sword though his head. In the throne room of Stormwind Keep, Garona reveals that she learned to speak from captured humans, the name of the orcs, that the orcs were not native to the planet of Azeroth, but were from Draenor, and came to Azeroth though the Great Gate. She also stated that they were planning on bringing the rest of the Horde to Azeroth, by building another Great Gate in the Black Morass and sacrificing captive humans to fuel the Great Gate, and conquer the planet. Medivh returned to Stormwind Keep and overheard everything Garona said. Llane stated that if she helped them he gave her his oath that he would protect her.

Durotan, Orgrim, Blackhand, and the other survivors of the battle returned to the Black Morass, but waited several hours till the sun descended to meet Gul'dan in his hut. Blackhand, and all of the chieftains and their seconds gathered in Gul'dan's hut. Gul'dan lambasted Blackhand for running from the "smallteeth" and brought shame on the Horde. Gul'dan stated under tradition that Blackhand must be sentenced to death. Blackhand stuck his ruined hand into the fel fire, but Durotan took out Sever and cut off Blackhand's hand. Gul'dan and Durotan engaged in verbal confrontation with each other, ending with Durotan backing down to Gul'dan. At his tent, Durotan and Draka discussed their son and that they would do everything to protect him if anything happened.

Chapter 9Edit

In the throne room of Stormwind Keep, Llane, Anduin, Medivh, Karos, and Varis discuss Garona. Llane agrees to send an escort to the Black Morass in order to confirm if what Garona is saying is true. Lothar confronts Medivh about why he froze up during the battle and Medivh transformed into a raven a flew off.

In one of Stormwind's inns, Khadgar, under watch by a guard, opened up the book he founded at Karazhan. He discovered that in the book it depicted what appeared to be orcs flooding though what appears to be the Great Gate that Garona described. Khdagar began tracing and studying the images in the book.

During that night, back in Stormwind Keep, in one of the king's private prisons, Garona was visited by Medivh. Medivh asked her about who it was showed Gul'dan the Great Gate. Garona said it was a demon, but didn't see the demon, only describing the demon's voice as "fire and ash." As Medivh was about to ask her how old she was, but Lothar, Taria, and a servant girl appeared and Medivh turned into a raven and disappeared. They gave Garona furs and peacebloom. They also informed Garona that more of their villages burned that night, including Grand Hamlet.

In on a rise above Stonard, Durotan and Orgrim laughed and talked about old times. Durotan tells Orgrim that he believes Gul'dan killed Draenor that if they were going to make a home in this new planet, Gul'dan must be stopped. Orgrim responded that they are not powerful enough to stop Gul'dan. Durotan responded that they were not, but with the humans help they could.

Chapter 10Edit

During the night, Llane looked over Stormwind on a balcony. Taria comes up to Llane and informs him that Garona would take them to Great Gate.

A scouting party comprising of Anduin, Khadgar, Garona, Karos, and Varis left Stormwind for the Great Gate. They passed though the safe parts of Elwynn Forest to Deadwind Pass. That night, they camped out on a ledge there. Garona inferred that Khadgar wanted to have sex with her. Garona revealed how brutal orc life was, that her name in Orcish meant "cursed", and her mother was burned alive for giving birth to her for being a "halfbreed". Garona said she was only kept alive thanks to Gul'dan and he gave Garona her mother's tooth. Khadgar revealed that at the age of six, his parents gave him to the Kirin Torr and never saw his parents, brothers, or sisters ever again.

During the night, Gul'dan watched along side his mentor, Medivh, watching the humans escape. Medivh told Gul'dan of the city of Stormwind. Gul'dan revealed that he had brought Garona here for Medivh and that when the Great Gate is opened, the city of Stormwind will be remained after Medivh.

Chapter 11Edit

The scouting party of Anduin, Khadgar, Garona, Karos, and Varis reach the Black Morass, where the orcs were constructing the Great Gate. They also discovered that the orcs were indeed holding humans captive, as fuel for the Great Gate. Garona told them that this was just a war band, and the rest of the Horde would come though the Great Gate when it is active and conquer the planet of Azeroth. Anduin ordered them all to head back to Stormwind and stated he and Varis would ride ahead. After they galloped ahead on their horses, Durotan knocked unconscious Karos and held his hand over Khadgar's mouth.

Durotan told Garona to bring the leader of the humans to the black rock to north when the sun is at it's highest. Durotan also told her that he knew what Gul'dan had for his people and the dangers of fel magic. Garona asked that if she returned that he could make her a member of the Frostwolf Clan. Durotan stated that she would be better off with the humans and left.

Medivh, in his raven form, flew across the land, seeing the devastation that the fel was causing. He landed in the Guardian's Font and stuck his hand into the restorative depths. Moroes came to the aid of his friend. Medivh told him fel was everywhere and it was weakening him. Moroes told him he must not leave Karazhan and that maybe Khadgar could deal with the situation. As Medivh pondered that, a ghostly black form behind Moroes pointed directly at Medivh. Medivh shouted for the figure to go away and it disapeared as Moroes turned around.

In the throne room of Stormwind Keep, during a meeting of foreign delegates with Llane, Kul Tiran delegate lambasted Stormwind for not aiding Kul Tiras as their ships were burned by the Horde. Llane replied that his army was losing a regiment a day. Llane called for unity among everyone at the meeting. The Lordaerian delegate demanded that they needed more weapons and that the dwarves must work overtime to make more. Magni got mad, claiming they treated them like dogs and won't supply them with weapons anymore. Llane stated that Stormwind in the past provided troops or arbitration and if they didn't unite they would all perish. As Magni and the Lordaerian delegate dismissed him, Anduin and Varis inform them that the orcs are building a portal to bring though an army. An elf delegate asked where was the Guardian at. The Kul Tiran delegate and Taria also asked were the Guardian was at. Llane called for a break, but the Lordaerian deleate stated that the meeting was done.

A courier handed a missive to Varis. Varis read it quickly and told Anduin that what's left of the Fourth had retreated from Stonewatch and that Callan was among the injured. Llane ordered him to take the gryphon and go. At the field hospital tent, Anduin meet his son, resting on a bed. Anduin looked on his son, and was reminded of his deceased wife, Cally. Anduin stated he should have been a baker like he always won't, but Callan always wanted to be solider just like his dad. Anduin noticed that Callan was the only one left in the field hospital tent. Callan stated that the rest of the troops were taken alive as prisoner of the orcs. Anduin stated that they are going to free them.

Chapter 12Edit

Outside the gate into Stormwind, Karos told Garona to pull her hood down and ride between him and Khadgar. They followed a thousands of refugees from lands devastated by the Horde. They saw a group of dwarves, including Kaz, demand the guards let them though, stating he works for the Royal Armory. The guards refuse, stating humans go first, and the human refugees shout racist slurs at him. Kaz begins to pick up his hammer to attack, when Karos shouted at the guard for not keeping order at the gate and that Kaz is making weapons for their safety. Kaz thanked him as he was permitted though the gate. Karos and Garona followed, but Khadgar told Garona that he had to gather his research.

Khadgar entered his room to find Medivh in his room going though his sketches. Medivh demanded where he got his sketches from. Khadgar stated he was studying the fel, but Medivh stated that he was the Guardian and not him. Medivh discovered the book Khadgar took, burned all of his stretches with magic, and left.

In the throne room of Stormwind Keep, Llane sat, talking with Anduin, Garona, and Taria about Durotan's purposed meeting. Anduin believed it could be a trap, but Garona said there was no honor for that. Llane stated they had no other choice and decided to go to the meeting. Taria gave Garona a jewel encrusted dagger as a sign of trust they had for her now. Llane demanded that someone find the Guardian, stating he will be need for this meeting.

Khadgar rode from his room to Stormwind Keep, thinking about what Medivh had done. He waited outside for the meeting to end. Garona emerged and Khadgar asked her about Gul'dan's magic and who Alodi was. Khadgar also showed her a sketch horizontally that Medivh didn't manage to burn. It depicted the orcs going though Great Gate crawling out of what appeared to be a hole in the ground. And beckoning them on that side as they crawled out was a hooded figure. Garona asked Khadgar how he manged to draw their arrival in the Black Morras, only for Khadgar to go up the steps shouting Anduin's name.

Aloman asked Anduin what these crates with Ironbeard and Bronzebeard symbols were. Anduin replied they were from Magni. He opened them to find they were full of boomsticks. Aloman and Anduin lifted up the crate to one side. Khadgar told Anduin what happened in his room with Medivh and how all of his sketches from the book were burned, excluding one he hide in his robe. Khadgar showed him the sketch of the Great Gate in the Black Morras, with two cloaked figures on each side of the portal. Khadgar told him to turn it horizontal, to see the sketch had now appeared to be a cloaked figure, like the ones the orcs had been carving into the Great Gate, beckoning the orcs beneath the feet of the figure. Khadgar stated the orcs were summoned to here from someone on Azeroth. Anduin told him that Guardian was trying to protect him and go away, but Anduin was now disturbed by what he had learned.

Chapter 13Edit

At Blackrock Pass, when the sun was at it's highest, Durotan, Orgrim, Zarka, and a few other Frostwolf scouts awaited for the humans. Ogrim tells Durotan he will go check the sentries again. Zarka has concerns over meeting the humans. Llane, Anduin, Khadgar, Garona, and the rest of the humans arrived or the meeting. Garona acts as translator between Llane and Durotan. Durotan told them that their world was dying and they couldn't go back. He also told them that if they attacked their camp in the Black Morass in two days, the Frostwolf Clan would kill Gul'dan. Suddenly, green skinned orcs came out of the rocks and attacked them.

Green orcs came behind the humans, blocking off their only escape route. A green orc rushed a group of humans with an armored shield and pushed them aside. The orc went on to charge Anduin mounted on Reliant. Anduin jumps off Reliant as the horse was killed. Anduin brought his sword into the orc's throat. After landing, Anduin picked up a spear dropped by one of his soldiers and threw it towards Garona to arm herself. A green orc with an axe attacked Anduin, leading to them clashing axe and sword together. Anduin stabbed the orc into the orc's chest. A third green orc charged him, but was killed by a mounted knight gutted the orc. Anduin told Llane to escape, but Llane said they were all getting out of there together and Medivh would cover them. Garona looked on top the mountain above, only to see Blackhand, atop a wolf, with Orgrim standing right beside him.

Chapter 14Edit

Garona was distracted by seeing both of them atop the mountain to not see the green orc charging her. Khadgar shoot a molten fire bolt at orc. Another green orc charged Garona, but she stabbed him in the throat with her blade. As a green skinned orc was about to kill Llane, Garona impaled him. The orc did not die right away though, so Garona slit his throat with her blade.

A green skinned orc picked up the orc's axe to attack, but Anduin thrust his sword into the orc. While wondering where Medvih was, he looked around an saw Callan holding his own against Blackhand, Grom, and other green skinned orcs. Callan and the other soldiers formed a shield formation as Blackhand, atop his wolf, charged on top them. After Blackhand'f wolf was killed by the soldiers, he jumped off the dead wolf. Medivh created a lightening wall to cover the retreat of Llane, Garona, Anduin Khadgar, and some of the other soldiers. Anduin realized Callan was on the other side of the lightening shield, with the green and brown skinned orcs. As Anduin tried desperately to break though the lightening shield, Callan and the soldiers behind the shield charged the orcs. Callan engaged in battle with Grom, but Grom took his sword. As Grom was going to kill Callan with his own weapon, Blackhand stopped Grom from delivering the killing blow. Blackhand, realizing the significance of Callan had to Anduin, killed him with his claw in front of Anduin. Anduin promised to kill Blackhand for murdering his son.

Khadgar and Garona find Medivh, who was very ill after performing the lightening shield shell. Garona and Khadgar took Medivh to Karazhan, mounted on one of Llane's gryphons. When they arrived at the Guardian's Font, Garona and Moroes dropped Medivh into the magical font, healing him. Khadgar left on top his gryphon for Dalaran, in order to get aid from the Kirin Torr.

Chapter 15Edit

At the Frostwolf camp, Draka was with her baby when Durotan rushed into the tent and told her to take the baby and flee. Before they could do anything, Blackhand appeared. Durotan asked that if he submitted would they spar his clan. Blackhand did not respond and before Durotan was taken, Durotan told Draka that the name of their son was Go'el.

At the Guardian's Font, Medivh wakes up on his couch, greeted by Garona. Medivh only remembers the battle, before a green eyed hooded figure appeared. Medivh asks if everyone was alright. Garona tells him Callan is dead. Medivh, without specifically mentioning who, told Garona about a female he fell in love with during his travels. Medivh tells Garona to go to Anduin. He created a magical circle, gives her a magical luminous flower, and she teleported away.

At the Lion's Pride Inn, Anduin drank alcohol to reveal himself after his son's death. Garona came up to him and apologized. Anduin said Cally died giving birth to Callan and for years he blamed Callan for it. Anudin said he wouldn't blame Garona for Callan's death. Garona and Anduin began kissing and grappling each other passionately.

Chapter 16Edit

During the night, at the Black Morass, Gul'dan sat near Orgrim on a platform as they watched the Great Gate get constructed. Gul'dan drained life out of a human slave near him as they talked. Orgrim asked Gul'dan who the two hooded figures being carved into the gate was. Gul'dan responded that it was their "benefactor." Gul'dan talked about how there needed to be a new Chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan, since Durotan had lost his title when he sided with the humans, and implied it would be Orgrim if he remained loyal to him. Gul'dan told Orgrim that when he brings the rest of the Horde to Azeroth he would give them all the fel. Gul'dan also said he would give Orgrim the fel at that moment. Orgrim said he would gather the Frostwolves to covert them to the fel, which Gul'dan agreed. Gul'dan killed the human slave.

Orgrim ran back to the Frostwolf camp, believing he might have bought the Frostwolves enough time. However, when he got there, green orcs had began an attack on the Frostwolves. One Warsong orc declared Gul'dan did not not wish to waste his power on the Frostwolves. Orgrim picked up the Warsong orc and snapped his neck on his head. Orgrim ran to the chieftian's hut. Draka, holding her son, greeted Orgrim with a dagger threatening to kill him. Orgrim said she can kill him later, but right now they had to leave. Draka retracted the dagger, cut her way out of the hut, and fled with her child in hand. Orgrim watched Draka and Go'el escape as a Bleeding Hollow orc charged towards them. Orgrim swung his Doomhammer causally at the Bleeding Hollow orc and crushed the other orc's skull. After they were out of sight, Orgrim went on to see if he can help the rest of the Frostwolves, including Durotan.

Khadgar's gryphon landed him at the Violet Citadel. Khadgar ran up the stairs to the Chamber of Air, where the Council of Six were assembled. The council demanded why Khadgar had come back. After Khadgar showed them his sketch and mentioned the Dark Portal and Alodi, Antonidas took him bowels of the Violet Citadel. Antonidas showed Khadgar a room with four mages guarding a black floating cube. As Antonidas asked him about how Khadgar knew about the Dark Portal and Alodi, the cub opened and Khadgar went inside.

Chapter 17Edit

Inside the cube, Khadgar meet Alodi. Alodi told Khadgar that Medivh had been corrupted by fel magic and they needed to stop him. At the Guardian's Font, Moroes picks up a collapsed Medivh and puts him in the rejuvenation pool. Medivh thanks Moroes for showing him his daughter, Garona. After that, he is fully corrupted by the fel and kills Moroes.

Llane returned to Stormwind Keep, washed himself, kissed his wife and son, slept for a few hours, and spent a couple hours in the war room before Anduin arrived. Llane, Varis, Anduin, and a handful of others went over a map of the Kingdom of Stormwind with models on it. The map showed that five legions at the Deadwind Pass, ten legions along the Redridge Mountains, ten in Stormwind, while the Eastern Sea hems the Horde in on the eastern and southern side. Anduin disagreed with the containment strategy, suggesting on sending everything they have against the Dark Portal, destroy it, and free their people. When Llane asked about the orcs that remained on Azeroth, Anduin said the will deal with them later.

Medivh teleported into the war room. Medivh said he had meet with Durotan and told them that the rebellion against Gul'dan is gaining strength. Llane tells Medivh that it would take twenty five legions of troops to contain the orcs and protect the kingdom. Anduin informs them they already lost eighteen legions, leaving only three legions left. Medivh said with three legions, the Frostwolves, and himself they could destroy the Dark Portal. Anduin interrupted and stated that Medivh was unreliable. Medivh and Anduin got into a verbal fight, with Llane trying to calm both down. Anduin attacked Medivh when he apologized about his son's death. Anduin was held against his will, preventing him from attacking Medivh. Llane ordered Anduin to a cell in order to calm down. Medivh went up to Llane and told them that together they will protect the kingdom.

In a cell, Anduin was in his cell when Garona came in and told him they were leaving for the Dark Portal. Anduin told her not to trust Medivh. Garona and Anduin kiss though the bars, before Garona leaves.

Chapter 18Edit

Durotan is being held captive along side humans, when Orgrim came and killed the guard. Orgrim said Durotan is now an enemy on all sides. Orgrim responded that he will just tell them that Durotan killed him. Orgrim freed Durotan, who proceeded to punch him in the gut. Orgrim explained he couldn't side with the humans against his own kind, but stated he was wrong and Gul'dan's magic was evil. Orgrim also informed Durotan that his mate and son escaped and were both safe for now. However, Orgrim stated that most of the Frostwolf Clan had either been killed or captured. Orgrim stated that the Horde won't follow Gul'dan if they could see what he has become. Durotan stated that he will show them.

Durotan entered the burned down Frostwolf camp. The camp was burned to destroy the Frostwolf culture. Durotan noticed there was far fewer bodies than he had expected. Kagra, Zarka, Drekgrul, Shaksa and her siblings, Nizka, and Kelgur were all dead and their bodies burned. Durotan did not see the bodies of either Drek'Thar or Palkar. Durotan picked up a slightly burned bloodly Frostwolf banner.

During that night, in the city of Stormwind, Llane, mounted on his horse, rode up to the balcony to see his wife, his son, and his daughter Adariall Wrynn. Behind Llane was his mounted army. Medivh said he would head back to Karazhan to prepare for battle. Garona, mounted on her horse, takes the place next to Llane's side.

In the cell, Anduin has been trying to break out of his cell. He called to the guard to let him out, when the guard turned into a sheep. Khadgar and Anduin teleport to Karazhan to find Medivh.

Chapter 19Edit

All throughout the night, Draka ran with Go'el, escaping Gul'dan's orcs who are following her. When Draka reaches a river, she puts Go'el in a basket and lets him float away, hoping Go'el will be found humans who remember the Frostwolves tried to helped them. A Bleeding Hollow green orc emerged from the forest, picked up Draka's dagger, and was eyeing Go'el. Draka jumped on the orc and bite at his throat, killing him. However, Draka was stabbed in the belly with the dagger and died next to the river.

All of the chieftains of the Horde and most of the warriors gathered around Gul'dan's tent. Durotan, who had killed three of Gul'dan's guards before he could warn Gul'dan. Durotan dropped a Frostwolf banner and stated he was there to kill Gul'dan. Blackhand stated that he cannot invoke mak'gora because he was chieftain of no clan because the Frostwolf Clan were food for worms. Orgrim reminded his warchief that some Frostwolves still lived. Gul'dan emerged from his tent and accepted Duortan's mak'gora. Durotan and Gul'dan both remove their upper clothing and prepare for mak'gore. Durotan sprang at Gul'dan.

At the Guardian's Font, Anduin inspected Moroes' dead body. Medivh had become corrupted by demonic possession and his face had been transformed. Khadgar went to the right, near the golem Medivh had been working on. Anduin moved towards the right, hoping to trap Medivh. Anduin called out to Medivh. Medivh's hand turned yellow and picked up Anduin into the air. Medivh's eyes flared, his hand tightened, and Anduin's breastplate started to crunch. Khadgar shot an energy blast at Medivh, only to have Medivh have his right hand shoot it back at Khadgar.

Medivh also released Anduin and let him drop to turn Medivh's attention to Khadgar. Medivh started chanting the incantation to open the Dark Portal. Khadgar shouted an incantation and blue orbs of fire shoot from his finger tips, but Medivh had disappeared. A voice that appeared to be coming from everywhere congratulated them and told them to try shutting Medivh up. The voice started chanting and the golem came into animation with fel magic. Anduin went after the golem, while Khadgar went after Medivh. Anduin got the golem's attention by throwing a carving tool at it's head. The golem's left fist slammed down. Anduin jumped out of the way. The golem took it's right fist and slammed into the fel font. The hand emerged from the font was no longer clay, but black stone. The stone fist shamed though the floor, sending Anduin tumbling to the next story below. Khadgar fired a bolt at Medivh, only to have Medivh deflect it into the font. Medivh began to bombard Khadgar with missiles, firebolts, and bolts. Khadgar blocked all of the attacked and tried to deflect them back to Medivh, only to have it swirl towards the font in a blur. Medivh stepped up his offensive. Khadgar summoned all of the magical energy swirling around the font and hurled it at Medivh. Medivh duck for cover as everything shattered around Khadgar. Khadgar looked around and saw Medivh was gone.

Chapter 20Edit

Durotan landed a punch across Gul'dan's jaw. Gul'dan grabbed Durotan by the throat and lifted him up. Durotan grabbed the spikes on Gul'dan's back and snapped one off and stabbed Gul'dan with it. Gul'dan heralded Durotan yards away. Gul'dan charged and started punching Durotan. Durotan dodged the next of Gul'dan's punches with a kick. However, Gul'dan grabbed Durotan and pulled him in. Gul'dan took his other arm and slapped it across Durotan's chest and started sucking away life from Durotan. Gul'dan gained even more muscles from stealing life from Duortan. Gul'dan wretched Durotan's hand of his socket. Durotan handed to his knees as Gul'dan lifted his fist up for the death blow.

Durotan shouted and lunged upwards towards Gul'dan. Durotan head slammed Gul'dan in his chest. Durotan took his good fist and landed blow after blow on Gul'dan. Durotan herd the voice of Medivh chanting the incantation to open the Great Gate, realizing that if he held off Gul'dan long enough he would prevent him from helping to open the Dark Portal. Gul'dan, heard the voice as well, slammed his clenched fist into Durotan's broken arm, causing Durotan to land on his hands and knees. Gul'dan ordered Blackhand to kill Durotan, but Blackhand told Gul'dan to respect their traditions and keep fighting. Gul'dan began landing blows on Durotan, however they were careless and Durotan could miss a couple of them.

Durotan heard his rib snap under the powerful blows Gul'dan was landing on him. The crowd around them, at first were jeering, were now silent. Gul'dan took his hand and landed it on Durotan's chest, draining him of life. The croward gasped and claimed Gul'dan was cheating. Gul'dan, with full force, took his hand back from Durotan's chest and punched him with full force, sending him flying. Durotan climbed to his feet and claimed Gul'dan hand no honor. Gul'dan charged towards Durotan, took both of his arms, crunched them around Durotan, picked him up, drained him of all of his life, and dropped him to the ground, dying next to Orgrim.

Orgrim responded to the crowd if they would follow Gul'dan after witnessing what he had become. Orgrim noticed some orcs began to walk away from Gul'dan. Orgrim knelt down, picked up one of Durotan's tusks, ripped it off, saying he would give it to his son one day. Gul'dan stated he would deal with Orgrim later. As more orcs started to flee from Gul'dan, Gul'dan took out his hands and killed three orcs with fel magic next to him. Gul'dan challenged if anyone else wanted to try to challenge him. Gul'dan shoot a fel blast at Blackhand, transforming him into a green orc and massively expanding his muscles and veins expanded everywhere down his body, even his claw. As Orgrim strode away into the forest, he heard Gul'dan order them to claim his new world.

As Llane, Garona, and the three legions of troops headed towards the Great Gate, on the way there they encounter the Frostwolf orcs. The Forstwolf orcs were impaled on spikes as a greeting for them on the way to the orc encampment. Catapults began to rain fire and rock down upon them. Llane ordered the three legions to charge forward into battle.

Gul'dan realized he had been played as a fool by Durotan and become of it he has lost of of his best warriors, including Orgrim. Gul'dan began draining life from the human slaves and shoot fel enegery at the Great Gate, opening it and bringing forth the rest of the Horde.

Back at the Guardian's Font, the voice of Medivh still echoed from the golem. Anduin swung his sword at the golem, managing to sever a limb at the knee. However, the golem would not fall. Anduin abandoned his sword, climbed up to the shoulders and took the wire and swung it around the golem's mouth. The golem took it's obsidian had and tried to smack him off, smacking it's hand into a wall, trying to shack Anduin off.

Anduin looked up to see Khadgar, faced down in rubble. Medivh shoot Anduin a gaze from up above and drew his hand back for an attack. Anduin yanked the wire so the golem could move backwards and take Medivh's attack. The golem smashed though the lower window, with half of the clay outside the window and Anduin clinging on for life. The wire severed the golems head and Anduin clung his feet into the clay. Anduin noticed the chanting had stopped.

The golem picked up Anduin and threw him back into the Guardian's Font. The golem was about to pin Anduin against the wall. Anduin removed his boots, dropped to the wall, a rolled out of the way. Medivh's chanting resumed. With the golem distracted, unaware that Anduin had jumped off it, Anduin went to Khadgar and woke him up. Khadgar told Anduin to distract Medivh and get him into the font, while he delt with the golem.

Anduin went up to were Medivh was at and told Medivh that if there was anything left of his old friend in there that he come back to them. Anduin tried to shut Medivh's mouth up, but Medivh took out his hand and started strangling Anduin by the throat. Medivh moved him directly over the green font. Anduin pleaded with Medivh, and Medivh threw Anduin on the other side of the font. Anduin started pleading for Medvih to kill him, stating he had nothing left to live for since the death of his son. Medivh stopped chanting at his eyes chanted from green to black. Medivh stepped into the magical font and began to grow.

Chapter 21Edit

As Medivh began to transformed into a demonic figure, Khadgar teleported the golem above Medivh, crushing him. Meanwhile, Gul'dan was watching as orcs flowed though the portal into Azeroth, as the chanting stopped and the portal closed. Gul'dan threw a human cage down and stated that their forces they had now would have to do in order to take over Azeroth.

Khadgar also teleported with the golem. The fel magic also worked it's way on Khadgar. Khadgar cased a shield shell around himself and the fel disappeared. Khadgar bent down to Medivh and began harvesting the fel magic from Medivh. After Khadgar had absorbed all of the fel magic from Medivh and transformed him back into his human form, Khadgar absorbed the fel from the font itself. Khadgar's eyes were green, he closed them, and they turned back to blue.

Anduin went up to Khadgar and looked at this eyes and Khadgar's eyes were brown. Anduin's gryphon appeared, which Khadgar has summoned, and Anduin jumped on and flew away to aid Llane. Meanwhile, Khadgar stayed behind with Medivh, who was still alive and was chanting a different incantation, to open a portal to Stormwind at the Great Gate.

Llane charged forwards with his men as his troops shoot boomsticks at the orcs. Llane's forces were greatly outnumbered. Llane took his sword and cut though the leather armor of female orc who was locked into combat with one of his men. The female orc pulled Llane off his orc, however one of his soldiers killed her. Llane looked at the Great Gate, noticed it was no longer active and than suddenly a blue portal opened up to Stormwind, with an image of Stormwind Cathedral in the background.

Llane shouted out to Karos and told them to push forward. Llane found Garona and told her to ride with him. Llane ordered Varis and himself to hold to perimeter around the Great Gate, while Karos and Garona would free the captive humans and lead them though the Great Gate. At the Guardian's Font, Khadgar realized Medivh was opening a portal to Stormwind. Medivh told Khadgar that he was sorry and he had tried to save everyone. Medivh died right there in front of Khadgar.

Chapter 22Edit

As the orcs began to close in on them, Karos and Garona had been freeing the human slaves and sending them though the Great Gate to Stormwind. Varis told Llane that they must retreat. Garona also agreed with Varis that they should retreat though the Great Gate, but Llane said there were a few more cages left with human slaves to free. However, the Great Gate closed and Llane and his forces were trapped and surrounded by the Horde. Llane told the that Medivh had died. As the fighting raged on, Blackhand was coming, targeting directly Llane. Llane ordered Garona kill him, in order to ensure Blackhand does not get the glory of killing him and to save herself from certain death.

Garona took the blade Taria had given her and stabbed it into Llane's throat. Anduin's gryphon dove in to the battle. Anduin spotted Blackhand in the battlefield, who had the body of Llane in his hands. Blackhand was tossing the body around as a trophy for the Horde. Anduin's gryphon landed on a green skinned orc and began ripping the orc apart. Anduin jumped off and stabbed a shocked green skinned orc and stole the orc's mace.

The orcs all turned their attention to Anduin and dropped the corpse of Llane. Anduin fought his way to Llane's body, and noticed the dagger that were in Llane's throat. Anduin picked up Llane's body and headed towards his gryphon and ordered that they head towards Stormwind. The orcs were so astonished by the acts of Anduin they did nothing. Anduin put the body of Llane on the gryphon and as the gryphon started to fly away it was thrown to the ground.

Anduin fell and landed on his back. When he got up the orcs had all surrounded him and Blackhand in a circle while they chanted mak'gora. One of the orcs had the gryphon's head under his arms, while another held the gryphon's torso. Llane's body had tumbled to the dirt. Anduin picked up Llane's sword and prepared to mak'gora with Blackhand.

Blackhand charged towards Anduin with his claw aiming towards Anduin. Anduin stood for a moment and than charged towards Blackhand. At the last moment, Anduin slipped underneath Blackhand and slashed upwards, using Blackhand's own momentum against him. Blackhand dropped to his knees in pain as Anduin drove his sword though Blackhand's chest. In the background, Anduin heard the voice of their leader Gul'dan. The Horde looked at their leader and than back at Anduin. Anduin assumed he was ordering them to kill him. One orc moved towards him lifting his axe, but another orc prevented him from killing Anduin. The other orc frowned and lowered his axe. Anduin looked out to see only one orc, Gul'dan was moving towards him, alongside him was Garona.

Gul'dan was shouting orders at the Horde, ordering them to kill Anduin. However, the orcs simply stood there and pounded their fist against their chest. Garona pleaded with Gul'dan not to kill Anudin, stating that mak'gora was a sacred tradition and they should mourn their dead warchief. Gul'dan ordered them out of his way and that he would kill Anduin himself. Garona asked Gul'dan who would obey him if he went to war with is own kind and that he would lose the Horde if he did. Gul'dan looked at her and both of them simply walked away.

Anduin looked and saw Garona and prevented Gul'dan from killing him. Anduin put the body of his dead friend on the gryphon, jumped on the gryphon, and flew away to Stormwind.

Chapter 23Edit

Khadgar spent his time in an inn and than he was at Stormwind Cathedral. Khadgar was staring at the statue of Medivh, wondering what it would be like if he had been the Guardian of Azeroth. Anudin stated that he would have made a terrible Guardian. Anudin closed the door behind him and pulled out Garona's dagger. Anduin told Khadgar that he had pulled it out of the neck of Llane's dead body. Khadgar stated that he didn't believe that Garona killed Llane, but Anduin stated that maybe they didn't know Garona as well as they had thought. Anduin left Khadgar as he stared at the blade for a long time.

At Stormwind Cathedral, Taria was wearing crown and was now regent to the future King Varian. Thousands of people had attended the funeral of Llane, which Taria greeted them. Llane was in the center, awaiting a funeral pyre, along with his sword and battered shield. The priests of the Light had bathed Llane's body with care and dressed him with fine clothing and armor. She kissed the the cheek of her husband and looked out to the assembled mass. Humans from come from Lordaeron, Kul Tiras, and Kirin Tor had come to attend, along with elves, dwarves, and gnomes.

Taria began giving a speech to the gathered crowd, asking them if Llane was wrong to believe in them. The crowd shouted no to her. The cheers and tears grew from the crowd and Taria herself. Khadgar went to the open casket of Llane and took out Llane's blade and gave it to Anduin, who was standing beside Taria, Varian, and Adariall. Anduin lifted up the blade and the crowd began shouting Lothar. Anduin strode towards Taria. Anduin, with Taria by her side, with Khadgar, Varian, Adariall, and Antonidas in the background of the Stormwind Cathedral, lifted up the sword and shouted for Azeroth and the Alliance. The coward shouted those words back at him.

A few days later, in Stormwind Keep, Khadgar lifted up Varian from his playing with his toys on the floor to the throne. Khadgar told him one day he will be king and that his mother was probably wondering where he was at this late of the night. As Varian got off the throne, he picked up the carved toy of his father and set it upright.

The humans of Stormwind no longer stood alone. The kingdoms of Stormwind, Lordaeron, Kul Tiras, along with dwarves had marched their combined armies to a fortress made of bone, steel, and iron. It was a fortress contrcuted by the Horde and Gul'dan oversaw a sea of brown and green orcs ready for blood shed. Beside Gul'dan was Garona, who was still dressed in her armor, and was the only one of them not looking at the army before them. Garona was thinking of the past.


Go'el, in the basket, drifted down the river until hitting shallow water and a human tells his commander that he found something. The human commander picks up Go'el and Go'el gives a roar at him.


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First WarEdit

In the WarCraft film universe, the following events during the First War have yet to happen:

  • Orgrim Doomhammer becoming the next Warchief of the Horde and Cheiftian of the Blackrock Clan.
  • The destitution of Northshire Abbey by the Horde under the command of Warchief Orgrim Doomhammer.
  • The destitution of Goldshire by the Horde under the command of Warchief Orgrim Doomhammer.
  • The destitution of Moonbrook by the Horde under the command of Warchief Orgrim Doomhammer.
  • The destruction of Stormwind by the Horde under the command of Warchief Orgrim Doomhammer.
  • Spies loyal to Orgrim Doomhammer capture and torture Garona until she reveals the existence of the Shadow Council and directed them to the location of Gul'dan's warlocks near the ruins of Stormwind.
  • Orgrim Doomhammer dispatches his elite wolfriders to the ruins, executing most of Gul'dan’s warlocks and disperse the remaining members of the Shadow Council.
  • Gul'dan awaking from his coma and submits his leadership to Orgrim Doomhammer in exchange for Gul'dan life.
  • The exile of the government of the Kingdom of Azeroth and Azerothian refugees across the Great Sea to Lordaeron.
  • Anduin Lothar becoming Regent Lord of Azeroth.
  • Warlocks of the Horde resuming their experiments with the Dark Portal.

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