Archmage Antonidas is a member of the Council of the Six.


WarCraft: The BeginningEdit

In the Violet Citadel, at the Chamber of Air, an eleven year old Medivh stands before the Council of Six. Antonidas ask him if he is ready to become the Guardian of Tirisfal, which Medivh replies he is ready. Antonidas stated that he had to prove himself to become themaster of the Tower of Karazhan and a shadow creature with razor sharp teeth appeared before Medivh. Medivh realizes the shadow creature wasn't real and that Finden was mumbling into his beard. Medivh shot a small orb of glowing white energy that turned into rectangle at Finden, which caused him to stumble and made the shadow creature disappear. Antonidas summons white fire before Medivh. Antonidas tells Medivh to give him his hand, which Medivh does. Antonidas sticks Medivh's hand into the fire, causing the Eye of the Kirin Tor to be burned into Medivh's hand. Antonidas declared Medivh "Guardian."

Years later, Khadgar's gryphon landed him at the Violet Citadel. Khadgar ran up the stairs to the Chamber of Air, where the Council of Six were assembled. The council demanded why Khadgar had come back. After Khadgar showed them his sketch and mentioned the Dark Portal and Alodi, Antonidas took him bowels of the Violet Citadel. Antonidas showed Khadgar a room with four mages guarding a black floating cube. As Antonidas asked him about how Khadgar knew about the Dark Portal and Alodi, the cub opened and Khadgar went inside.

Later, Taria began giving a speech to the gathered crowd, asking them if Llane was wrong to believe in them. The crowd shouted no to her. The cheers and tears grew from the crowd and Taria herself. Khadgar went to the open casket of Llane and took out Llane's blade and gave it to Anduin, who was standing beside Taria, Varian, and Adariall. Anduin lifted up the blade and the crowd began shouting Lothar. Anduin strode towards Taria. Anduin, with Taria by her side, with Khadgar, Varian, Adariall, and Antonidas in the background of the Stormwind Cathedral, lifted up the sword and shouted for Azeroth and the Alliance. The coward shouted those words back at him.

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